Exercising your execution muscle  

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 How do I go from being an idea/vision guy to an idea and execution guy?

  1. Take out your list or little black notebook of ideas. You don’t have one? And you’re (supposedly) an ideas/vision guy? Fine, start one.

    Choose the smallest one. Or, if all you have are big ideas (aww look at you, you’re sooo cool..), then take the smallest version of an idea. If your idea can reduce global poverty by 50% in 10 years, fine – shrink that by a factor of 10whatever power. Organizing a food drive. Getting 10 friends to volunteer at a soup kitchen with you. Throwing a fundraising dinner party and getting 3 companies to sponsor it.

  2. Plan it out and give yourself 3 weeks to execute it. Go! Right now, get going, what are you waiting for?

    If you succeed within 3 weeks: Cross it off your list and go back to Step 2.

  3. If you fail by the end of those 3 weeks (likely): Finish it. Don’t go back to that damn “My Big Ideas OMG.txt” file on your desktop until you finish. Do it well and maintain your perfectionist (see: neurotic) image… or do a shitty job and feel miserable – it doesn’t matter. Just get it done.

    Go back to Step 2 and repeat. Soon enough, you’ll have a list of crossed-off ideas so long, you’ll wonder what the hell was holding you back in the first place. Now you’re ready to be That Dude/Dudette Who Has Some Decent Ideas And Executes Like A Motherf—er. Congratulations.

 Execution is a muscle. If you want to strengthen it, don’t try to max out on your first set – you’ll just go nowhere. Stay humble, start small, and work your ass off.


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